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Plus Size Swimwear and Lingerie for Large Women

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Seven Tips For Choosing A Flattering Plus Size Swimwear



Just because you are a plus size woman does not mean you can not get a nice and flattering swimwear for your size. Designers and clothing manufacturers are putting a real effort to create special plus size swimwear styles and cuts suitable for plus size women. They also provide women with a variety of fabrics and colours to choose from. These days, you can not only find plus size women's swimwear easily in stores but online as well. You can find great designs at online stores too and they can be ordered from the convenience of your home with just a mouse click.

Women's plus size swimwear is available in a number of styles. However before going for a flattering one, you must look objectively in the mirror and ask yourself these two questions:

- What are the parts of your body that you wish to conceal?

- What are the parts of your body that you want to highlight?


Only after you give yourself an answer to these questions should you proceed further to buy a plus size women's swimwear.

Here are seven useful tips to be kept in mind while selecting a plus size swimwear:

1. A combination of different colours in vertical or cross patterns can help you to appear slim. Dark colours and cool backgrounds suit plus size women more than other patterns. Keep in mind when choosing a printed swimsuit that the print should not be too large. Solid coloured swimwear, with a touch of a striking impression, is a great idea for plus size women.

2. Shy women can certainly cover more but must remember that too much fabric can add extra volume to your figure, making it appear larger than what it really is. But it also depends on your body shape and which body section you need to camouflage, for example, if you have a big tummy and big hips, a swimming dress with an empire waist would beautifully hide them.

3. For women with big breasts, swimwear with wide straps, underwire or a halter top are recommended to achieve the effect of breast reduction. To make a large bust look smaller, choose U-neck or V-neck.

4. In general, swimwear with skirts, boy-shorts and tankinis work well for plus size women.

5. Women who wish to hide more can go for a one piece swimwear that carries a lace or has a mesh insert. If you are uncomfortable with your hips or thighs go for a flirty sarong styled swimwear that is both attractive and fashionable.

6. Women who are not much worried about hips or thighs should consider mini-skirted swimwear which is hitting the fashion market these days. The style is not only smart but also offers the coverage you crave for while at the beach or pool. However, avoid wearing excess ruffles or tiny pieces. These not only look unappealing on plus size women but also draw interest away from your positive assets.

7. Crochet swimsuits should be avoided, not only because they can add volume to your figure, but also because when they get wet, they can become too rigid.


Above all, choose something that you like and feel comfortable in rather than simply buying something to look stylish. It is always better to look for styles that are specific to your tastes and are comfortable to wear, therefore choose wisely!
So why delay? Armed with this knowledge on buying the right plus size swimwear, it is time to get ready to hit the nearest store or go searching on the internet for the one that suits you the best.