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Plus Size Swimwear and Lingerie for Large Women

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Bathing suit Body Measurement and Buying Guide



There are different measurements from bathing suit designers/manufacturers. The same size 14 of one manufacturer may have different bust, waist and hip measurements to another’s size 14. That is why it’s important to know your body in inches/centimeters before purchasing a swim suit.

Your torso is the first thing to measure. Below is the guide to help you carry out the task.


To measure the length of your torso, you should wear thin clothes (underwear preferable), hold one edge of the measuring tape at the middle of your shoulder (left or right); run the tape down to your crotch and round it up to meet the tape edge at the back of your same shoulder. It is best if you can ask someone to help you do it.

Bust (Chest):

Wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your chest. Keep the tape parallel to the floor.


Put the tape around your waist and keep it reasonably loose.


Stand straight. Measure around the fullest part and keep the tape parallel to the floor.