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How to Care For Your Swimwear


Have you spent a lot of time at public swimming pools or at your own pool? Have you wondered how to keep your swimsuit look like new even after some seasons of using?

If you have, then these tips are very useful for keeping your favourite swimsuit last longer (including the colour) no matter if it is an expensive designer bathing suit or any swimwear.

For colour lasting, before wearing a swimwear, soak it in a liquid mixture of ½ cup (8 table spoons) of white vinegar and a litre of cold water and leave it for about 1 hour, then rinse the swimsuit throughout and let it drip dry in shade.

With other cares:

  1. Always rinse a bathing suit well in fresh water immediately after use.
  2. Hand wash swimwear with gentle soap. Do not soak, rub or wring out your swimsuit. Drip dry away from direct sunlight and do not tumble dry.
  3. Do not use bleach or harsh detergent to wash your bathers.
  4. Do not leave your wet swimsuit rolled up in a towel and do not store when wet.
  5. Avoid excess contact with suntan lotions and harsh chemicals sometimes found in saunas, spas and pools. Chlorine or other pool chemicals may breakdown the swimsuit
  6. Avoid rough surfaces such as concrete, rough wood, rocks, swimming pool edges etc.
  7. If sand becomes trapped in your swimsuits. To remove sand, carefully stretch dry fabric over your thumbnail and sand will pop out
  8. Do not iron

We recommend you use an old swimsuit in spas and saunas for lap swimming.