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Plus Size Swimwear and Lingerie for Large Women

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How Flattering Plus Size Swimwear Can Help Increase Your Self-esteem



Shopping for flattering plus size swim wear becomes a headache for most plus size women. They dread the day when they need to go to a store and choose swimsuits for themselves. What most of them fail to know are some factors in finding bathers which will enhance their appearance, and make them look more beautiful as well as it will gain their self-esteem.

As mentioned earlier, a well designed swimwear would detail your body curves to make you look more attractive and give you comfort while spending your day at the beach or on a cruise. Make sure that the cuts are not too revealing especially under your arms or high leg cut because the extra fat will bulge out from here and there, and it will make you look unflattering. Some good styled swimsuits such as empire waist, large straps, underwire are highly recommended if you have a large bust; avoid ill fitting swimsuits which will give you discomfort when you are in or out of the water.

There are a lot of different colours or patterns (prints) for beach wear but you should choose the colours and prints that suit you.

Choosing colour for a swimwear also depend on your skin colour; if you have a pale complexion and you choose black swimsuit, it definitely would not look good on you. There are some colours that all skin types (pale, dark, fair skin…) can wear i.e. dark purple; red; emerald green; turquoise; blush (light pink, nude). Since you are a plus size woman, you should not choose blush colours as they will not give a trimming image but you can choose one of the other colours above.  If you are short, swimwear in dark solid colours will make you look taller and slender.

With prints, stay away from bold prints on areas you don’t want to emphasize, instead, wear large prints on the best area which you want to drive the eye to. For instance, if your bust is smaller than your hips (pear shape), large bright patterns on the bust line combined with plain or darker colours on the lower part of the swimsuit will accentuate your bust and give your hips a trim illusion. Busy all over prints in bright or dark coloured swimwear can flatter your appearance and they will distract the eye from stopping on your least favourite area.

plus size swim wear has become quite popular in the fashion industry with a variety of styles as a lot of designers realistically recognise the market. But again, many of those designers are experts in making tiny tweeny swimwear for stick thin models, it does not mean they would do a good job in making swimsuits for plus size women.

You should go for brands which are made by designers who specialise in large size because they have experience in that particular field.

If you follow the above guidance, you would find that buying a flattering plus size swimwear, which would make you look flatter and younger, is not a difficult thing and you would be proud of wearing it on your favourite holidays.