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Plus Size Swimwear and Lingerie for Large Women

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What makes your bathing suits different with swimsuits from other designers?
Here at Curvysea, we specialise in nothing but swimwear for plus size women-- because we don't believe that a swimsuit designed for a size two model is going to look good on *everyone*! So instead, we've taken REAL women like you and designed flattering, appealing but not too revealing swimsuits that make you feel sexy and supported in all the right places!
Plus, every one of our swimsuits is made of the finest quality fabric, so they'll not only look great – they will last longer.

Q: I cannot find any bikinis in your boutique and why do you only have size 12 and above for your swimsuits?
We are serving our real women who like to have stylish swimsuits that will camouflage their flaws (saggy or large belly; stretch marks or birth scars etc.). That is why our swimming fashion styles are mainly one piece and two piece swimwear (tankinis) and we exclude bikinis.

The majority of females in our society are size 14 plus; some are size 12, but very seldom do we see women (with a family and children) who are a size 6 or 8. We cater for real women’s needs, who have been neglected by the big garment companies.

Q: I have large breasts. How do I find a swimsuit that lifts them up and supports them?
You should choose a one piece or tankini bathing suit that has a halter neck with large straps, because they will lift up your bust and support it. It will also make you look more sexy and attractive. Under wire suits are another choice, but they can make the bust look bigger.

Q: How do I find a bathing suit to flatter my plus size body including my large tummy and hips ?
A rule of thumb is to accentuate your bust by choosing an exciting pattern and a bright coloured top teamed with a dark coloured bottom (one piece suit) to draw the eye upward and away from your tummy and hips. The same rule applies to two piece tankinis, but you should never wear a top which is too short and does not meet the brief.

If your preference is a patterned bathing suit, choose the one with small print all over and avoid big solid patterns such as big flowers or large prints.

Q: Will I look bigger in a swimdress or skirtini?
Not at all. It actually will camouflage your unattractive parts. It also creates a feminine feel and makes you look younger. Swim dresses and skirtinis have become more popular this year, because they provide comfort in movement and a sporty look.

Q: My body shape is like a boy because I don’t have a curved waist and a flat behind. What bathing suit styles should I wear?
Swimdresses or skirtinis with a curved neckline and all over print is your choice, as they will create a feminine look and will draw attention away from your waist.