Womens Swimwear – Avoid Unflattering One

Choosing the perfect womens swimwear has never been easier for your coming holidays if you know how.

I am sure many of us have bought swimsuits that looked gorgeous in the store, only to get home and do an about-face from the mirror. We have all done it and there is no shame in returning those pieces. So before you get stuck in that customer service line, here are some tips to avoid unflattering women’s swimwear, and ensure that no mishaps happen when you step out the door.

Use Colour to Your Advantage

In our business, we can’t stress enough the importance of using bold colours to highlight your best assets, and having darker tones to conceal flaws. While we are not keen on the idea of hiding our bodies, we understand that we all have a problem area. Use bright tones such as white, neon pinks, even light tan for the areas you are most proud of, and use darker colors where your body flaws would be. If you wear a swimwear style that has wrong colors on the wrong parts, it would give you an unflattering appearance. Opt for flowing colors and ensure your whole energy is positive.

Womens swimwear in one piece swimdress

Women’s swimwear – plus size swimdress

Avoid Strapless Swimsuits

There is an increasing trend where women’s swimwear does not have straps and kind of bandeau style. Yes, it shows your bust most wonderfully, and you will have tan on your shoulders. The downside is that when you are getting out of water, that part of the fabric tends to fall under the pressure and give you a lumpy chest. Or worse yet, the bathing suit will start to slouch as there is nothing holding the swimwear up.

Styling in Moderation

Hey, if ruffles and laces are your favourite, go for it! If you have small to medium sized bust, the ruffles on the swimsuit neckline will make the bust appear larger but if you’re busty type, they will make it look bigger so you should avoid the style unless you want attention to the area.

However, some designers have designed women’s swimwear that has the ruffles diagonally which not only make you look trimmer; it covers some of the main tummy problems as most of us face! When it comes to swimsuits with belts, it is the same concept. Make sure that when you wear the suit, the belt sits properly and doesn’t sag or become twisted.

Skip Swim Shorts in Bright Colours

I love them just as much as anyone, but actually, they make our thighs look wider. Undesirable, I know! So opt for women’s swimwear style with boy-leg cut in dark colour as it would make our hips and upper thighs look slimmer. It would be flatter when the top part of the suit has beautiful print or bright colour.

Womens Swimwear in One Piece Boy leg

Women’s Swimwear in One Piece Boy Leg

Bunched Fabric Is the New Fashion but Why You Should Avoid It

Women’s swimwear in this design would have fabric that is drawn and bunched to the middle or on one side, giving the suit a ripple of sorts. This is fantastic for showing off your style but only if you have a flat tummy; if you’re a plus size woman with big tummy, avoid this style as the bunched fabric will add volume on the front part.

Avoiding an unflattering swimwear sounds harder than what it really is. The bottom line is you need to know what your body looks like, and accept that while yes you may have flaws, you are beautiful. Have confidence in what you wear and it will radiate out and make you look even better. Next time you visit a store (online or offline) for womens swimwear, keep in mind the above tips to make sure you’d choose a swimsuit that will make you look good and feel fabulous!