Women’s Plus Size Swimwear Tips for Curvy Fashionistas

Women’s plus size swimwear tips for fashionistas who are conscious about their body images!

Our bodies are unique; there is no doubt about that. So why should we have to hide our beautiful curves when it is time to jump in the pool? We say nay to that idea, and are here to give you some fashionable tips to look great in your swimwear, no matter your size.

Don’t bulk up!

While you may not feel comfortable in a bikini, that’s fine, you still don’t have to wear a full outfit just to enjoy the pool. No, instead, look for a colorful cover-up that is loose, but not baggy. The baggy look adds more weight and gives you no shape at all. You can use a belt, or even a cute hair clip to cinch it to the side. Not to mention, it covers the tummy area very well.

Utilize color blocking

Big, bold shapes are your friends. Black is great for adding a silhouette, so find a few swimsuits with black sides and possibly bright fabric in the center to get the most slimming effect. If you are not a fan of the dark sides, use the color of the bathing suit to highlight the areas of your body you enjoy most, and downplay the others. Tankinis are the best for this as you can mix and match your top and bottom.

Plus Size Swimdress with Halter Neck

Halter Neck Plus Size Swimdress

Avoid the high-leg cuts:

Yes, they may look great on teeny tweeny or models size 0 but not great on plus size women who have fat on their tummies or thighs. This high-leg cut style used to be a personal favorite of mine when I was young and slim.

Now I’m on the plus size side and I become more conscious of my body image. I prefer to wear a swimsuit that has a right leg cut, which will make me look great besides concealing partly my less than flattering thighs.

One piece plus size bathing suit

One piece plus size bathing suit

Use ruffles and lace to your advantage

When the women’s plus size swimwear season comes around, those lovely little lace swimsuit tops become terribly hard to resist. In my house, ruffles, lace, and belts do not belong on a swimsuit, but I wanted to challenge that. So with a bit of research, I showed the world that is it worth it. Ruffles and lace, when used correctly on a bathing suit, will act as attention grabbers for our curvy body.

Why not put them on a top to show off our assets? Why not use a belt to show our great waist?

A note of caution with oversized T-shirts:

Stop hiding behind those oversized T-shirts and show your real beauty at the beach! You owe it to yourself to show off your personality; a flattering plus size swimwear will give you the confidence to do just that and you don’t need to put any shirts on top to cover your attractive curves.

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