Womens Plus Size Swimsuit Colours Tips

Womens plus size swimsuit colours that make you look trim and fabulous tips:

Colour can truly make an outfit, and the same goes for womens plus size swimsuit. When choosing the best colours for you, you need to take into account whether you want to bring attention to the area, or use some creative thinking and make the natural shade changes work for you. After all, you want to look your best at all times, and the pool is no exception, here is what you need to look for.

Women's plus size swimsuit - One piece black swimdress

Women’s plus size swimsuit – One piece black swimdress

Bright Coloured Swimsuits:

Red, bright blue, yellow, and neon all fall into the bright palette. These shades will bring attention to wherever it is located. So make sure you are bringing attention to all the right places! Also, it is worth mentioning that bright colours look better with darker skin tones, as it provides more contrast. So there is something to make you a little more daring this summer, show off that awesome tan!

Dark Coloured Swimwear:

Include black, navy, purple and brown. While there are hundreds of shades in-between and many colours not being accounted or here, keep those four as your general guideline. Dark coloured beach wear create a stunning silhouette that gives you a slimming effect.

Coloured blocking women’s plus size swimsuits:

Simply means that you pair two or three totally different colours together to make a bold statement on the garment.

Colours can bring the eye to certain places that you want to emphasize. If you want to show off your best curves, be sure to have the bright tone in those areas of your swimsuit.  However, if you want to hide your flaws, use a dark tone to subdue them. Remember, a good combination of colour blocking dark/light coloured swim wear will give you the best effect on your body appearance.

Women's Plus Size Swimsuit - Sarong Styled One Piece.

Women’s Plus Size Swimsuit – Sarong Styled One Piece.

What to avoid with coloured swimwear:

Many times, when it comes to picking out the perfect womens plus size swimsuits, they may mix and match their bottoms and tops. That is all fine and well, I am all for getting the right size; however, you need to make sure the patterns and colours match in right places, avoid bright tone or bold prints on the area that you want to hide.

Avoid Sharply Split Colours

Having a sharply defined line anywhere on your body is bound to lead to inquiring looks as they compare one side to the other. Most of us are not going to enjoy these looks, so try to avoid any dramatically different colours being split.

Avoid Horizontal Striped swimsuits:

This is a very old tip and it still holds true today. Horizontal stripes tend to exaggerate any tummy issues you may have, and they make you look shorter! On the other hand, vertical stripes thin you and make you look taller.

When it comes to choosing the best womens plus size swimsuit colours, keep some common knowledge at hand and go with what looks best with your complexion. If you get decent tanning skin, you can always find a beautiful coloured bathing suit that flatters you and shows off your mid-summer tan, or you can find something to work with the winter pale. Or you can buy both, because, why not?

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