Two-Piece Plus Size Swimwear Tips

Are you one of fashion forward curvy women? If you are, you would enjoy wearing gorgeous two-piece plus size swimwear which will make you look trendy and sexy.

Since the last two decades, two-piece plus size swim wear has become a part of the latest fashion trend including high waisted large size bikinis.

Versatile designs and slimming features of the trend will definitely provide plus size women an alluring personality with countless options regarding style cuts like skirtnis and tankinis. The main point should be kept in mind is that first you must identify your body type then find suitable styles and designs that brings a perfect look. Here goes further elaboration for these elements.

+ Search by Body Type

When searching for the flattering two-piece plus size swimwear, you must find out what body shape you belong to: if you have hour- glass figure with big bust, large bottom but smaller waist, or heart shape with large top and narrow bottom, or pear shaped body with small top and large bottom etc.

Knowing your body type will help you find a great fit swimwear (in two-piece if you are a fan of this swimwear type).

Two-piece plus size tankinis

Two-piece plus size tankinis

+ Go by Styles

Good two-piece plus size swimwear styles should provide comfort, support and coverage where needed. These styles should especially include tummy control panels, under wire support advantage and slimming design aspect. Beside one piece swimwear which is the most popular; the two-piece plus size swimwear such as trendy bikinis with high waists or skirtinis, tankinis are favourites of many full figured women.

+ Flattering Design Elements

Below are few key elements to flatter your overall look and which will definitely make you a trim lady around your friend circle.

Bright colors: They are your best friend if designed on the right places as they will accentuate your best access and drive the eye to it.

High waisted bikini bottom: Want the bottom part look longer? Go for these.

Prints and prints: Go for the prints that create illusion of slimmer and leaner body shape.

Tummy control: These are specially designed for controlling those bulky tummies.

Tribal print two-piece plus size swimweartankinis

Two piece tankinis in tribal print.

+ Design to Avoid

There are few features to avoid when you choose a two-piece plus size swimwear:

Dark solid coloured swimsuits: eventhough they may make you look a bit trimmer but they would also make you look more mature and dull.

Horizontal stripes: I think it’s a pretty common knowledge that horizontal striped bathing suits will make your body look larger than it actually is. So! Please avoid these.

+ Every Body Is Different

So ladies, don’t worry about your body image, you can still look gorgeous by just keeping in mind the above facts when you choose a swimsuit and you can definitely go for swimming in hot sunny days with a trim and sassy figure.

Don’t forget, we are all different as well as our bodies. Once you find a flattering two-piece plus size swimwear you can team it up smartly with your favourite sun glasses and a large brim sun hat to complement your appearance.