Plus Size Swimsuits for Women and My Business Story

Plus size swimsuits or large size swimwear might be new terms ten years ago, especially in Australia, but now the words are so popular for full figure women who use them when searching for new bathers on the internet.

During Summer months, many people love to get a dip at nearby club pools or go to the beach. Sometimes, the idea of a beach holiday is a lot of fun and totally worth it. In such cases, one of the very basic things that anyone will need is a swimsuit. However, finding plus size swimsuits for real women can be a difficult task, also, very often, they might be available and yet, may not be the right fit due to a variety of reasons.

This is exactly where the catch is, and that eventually spurred Cindy to start a business on plus size swimwear for full figured women.

The beginning

Rolling back nine years from now, Cindy started her plus size swimsuits business in 2006. Operating from Sydney and relying on its website as the primary means for all sales, has had an incredible journey ever since.

With the right kind of enthusiasm that anyone looking to start a business would have, Cindy concentrated mainly on providing swimwear options for plus sized women. While the majority of swimsuit manufacturers provides bathers for the largely available section of people who have well-toned figures, Cindy realized that there was a gap in the market for plus size women. Coupling that with internet as major means to promote her business activities, she has done well to take the business to another level.’s product range

Curvysea plus size swimsuits are quite popular among large sized female customers. Cindy has managed to encompass a number of aspects in the products that particularly reach out to her customer base. One of the major aspects is providing the right fit to a plus sized woman. Plus size women tend to suffer from certain insecurities, when it comes to their body, and Curvysea large swimsuits eliminate these problems. The swimwear essentially flatters one’s appearance, acts as a camouflage or even offers an overall trimmed look to any full figured woman. This is why Huong’s products share a rapport with her customers.

Plus Size Swimsuits in Two Piece Dotty

Dotty Print Underwire Tankinis

Core principles of Curvysea’s plus size swimsuits business boasts of a business model that is very customer – centric in nature. To start with, the target customers are women 30 years+ to baby boomers, and also middle to high-income earners (because of non compromised quality for Curvysea plus size swimsuits). Most of Cindy’s customer base consists of repeat customers, who have gained tremendously from using Curvysea swimwear over time and from words of mouths. Having a loyal set of customers is also what encourages Cindy to better her business establishment.

Quality is a very essential element for any range of products to have a good market value. In these terms, Curvysea swimsuits offer exquisiteness, in terms of quality, and feature rich designs that remain in line with modern trends. These fashionable plus size swimsuits are very well appreciated and positive testimonials from many of Cindy’s customers are proofs to this.

Trendy designs and colors, along with quality craftsmanship, have always been the core around which Curvysea products have evolved over the years in business. Cindy has kept this intact all along her exciting entrepreneurial journey.

How is different?

With the Internet surely changing the manner in which people take to shopping these days, has adapted the model to be its ally. People can buy their favourite plus size swimsuits or sleepwear at Curvysea and then try them at home (with a peace of mind that if they are not fit, the customer/s can return the goods for refund or exchange). This saves customer’s time from having to go out to a traditional shop and then queue up, just to try on a piece of swimwear.

On the website, plus size women can easily to go through the product listings and all the necessary details that they need to. Plus size swimsuits listings are accompanied by their pictures and descriptions that allow people to gain a very clear idea about the design and nature of the products. There are a number of different sections on the website provides information on various aspects of the services available. The presence of the FAQ section and a blog can be of great help to new customers and keeps them updated on a number of topics.

Besides this, Cindy boasts of a loyal base of customers from outside of Australia. A number of customers from the US, Canada and other countries like New Zealand, Singapore, prefer to shop for Curvysea swimsuits. Cindy provides exclusive shipping options for them, albeit for a very nominal fixed shipping fee. Even for these customers who live across borders, delivery is usually provided within 10 business days. Therefore, one can say that does provide excellent customer service to buyers.

How women benefit from buying Curvysea plus size swimsuits?

To make an impact in any business market is a hectic process. A lot of work needs to be done before one can truly have a look at the positive nature of results that start to appear. Cindy has equally felt this in her business and now sees herself as a success.

Her work input, into a potentially unknown field in business, started paying off when she began to see the difference she was making in the lives of plus sized women who found it difficult to purchase a piece of swimwear. They turned to for their plus size swimsuits needs. After purchasing the products, many of them turned into permanent return customers and that has helped Cindy spread the word about her endeavors.

Her plus size swimsuits are especially designed for large figured women, who have also not hidden from showing praises of appreciation to the designer. Many of their testimonials that can be viewed on the Curvysea website, as well as the YouTube channel: these female customers speaking about how happy they were from wearing Curvysea swimwear. People have also praised the nature of the designs that are offered and how they are pretty eye-catching!

Plus Size Swimsuits in One Piece

Sarong Styled Plus Size Swimsuits.

Customers have also mentioned that Curvysea plus size swimsuits allow them to feel extremely confident about their body whilst that isn’t necessarily the case when wearing other swimwear brands. This is largely attributed to the fact that the features of the garments maximize their beauty, but at the same time, minimize the body flaws that they are not so confident about.

Cindy’s customer services are also top-notch. And there is no doubt about this, considering the success that Curvysea has had over time for selling plus size swimsuits. From money back guarantees to free shipping and offering exchanges to speedy delivery of purchased products, Curvysea pretty much has it all.

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