Plus Size Swimsuits for Bust Size

Plus size swimsuits tips for different bust sized figure.

Finding plus size swimsuits that highlight your chest is as much about wearing a swimming suit that compliments your body shape as it is about drawing attention to your bust. Your body shape should drive your selection process to minimize your trouble spots and maximize your best assets.

Plus Size Swimdress with Halter Neck

Halter Neck Plus Size Swimdress

A rectangular body shape and smaller breasts

If you have a rectangular body shape, then your breasts may not be as obvious or as much of a prominent feature as you would like. Maybe you wish they were a little bigger; plus size swimsuits with frills around the top will often accentuate your breasts, and if you pick a great colour then they all help for emphasizing your top part.

Hot Pink Frills One Piece Plus Size Swimsuit.

Hot Pink Frills One Piece Swimsuit.

A rectangular body shape and larger breasts

You may need to rely on the pattern/prints of your plus size swimsuits in order to accentuate your breasts, minimise the waist whilst playing down your rectangular figure. If you have medium to large sized breasts, they will compliment a pattern that blurs your rectangular shape.

A pear shaped body and smaller breasts

If you are a fan of one piece, go for a solid coloured swimsuit that has decorative elements, mesh neckline or bright prints on the bust in order to get attention to the top part. Your aim is to draw the eye to your breasts and to even out your pear shape. Swimsuits with bandeau necklines with or without straps also help show off your nice shoulders and will drive the eye upward.

Bandeau One Piece Plus Size Swimsuits

Bandeau One Piece Swimwear

A pear shaped body and larger breasts

Go for a swim suit that has medium cut neckline besides having underwire bra cups for breast support, the under wires will act as frames for the breasts by holding them them neatly in the frames, together with large straps will lift heavy boobs up and make them look nicer. Blouson styled bathing suits are also suitable for this body shape.
An hourglass shaped body and smaller breasts

Generally, women are blessed to have this type of body because they have smaller waists compared to their busts and their hips; they would look good in any kind of plus size swimsuit designs. However, if their breasts are slightly smaller than their bottoms’ part, they should choose bathers that have padded or push up bra to balance the shape. One piece swimsuit with figure hugging would be the best as it will emphasize the hourglass figure and will make the wearer looks more appealing.
An hourglass shaped body and larger breasts

You have the body type but your breasts are a bit saggy, plus size swimsuits with underwire bra is essential for supporting the large boobs, push them up and make them look perkier.
If your breasts still have a bit of bounce and you want to try something a little revealing, then consider a plunging neckline swimming costume that shows off your boobs fearlessly.

An apple body shape with any breasts size

If you have an apple shaped figure, then the size of your breasts will not play a part in both taking focus from your apple shape and accentuating your breasts. However, you should avoid high-cut legs and halter neck swimsuits as the features will add to body portions imbalance: High cut legs will make hips appear narrower and halter neck will make the top part (shoulders, bust) look larger compared to the bottom (hips, thighs)

Opt for a higher neckline plus size swimsuits to make your top portion look slender and less apple shape. Or swimdress with empire waist and A shaped dress will balance out the figure as well as concealing the narrow bottom.

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