Plus Size Swimdress How To – Swimwear Tips for Large Women’s Body Type

Plus Size Swimdress tricks for real women’s body shape. A vision of your grandma in an old curtain designed swimming costume would put you completely off the idea of finding a flattering plus size swimdress! You are definitely not alone, as many large women contemplate the idea and then dismiss it as “not an option!” Luckily, swimsuit designers are aware of this and when you start searching, you might just surprise yourself to find out that there are some swim dress styles which would make your fuller figure look gorgeous.


It is time to get the images of grandma out of your mind and start to think flattering and sexy! Yes, you can wear your swimdress around the pool or at the beach and be confident that you look hot! It is all about choosing the right color, the correct length of the swim dress; take some time to try different styles that are available along with your particular body shape. Once you are heading in the right direction, you will never look back!


A well designed and flattering swim dress can help to even out some of your best assets and create a good balance between your top and bottom halves. If you have a bust other women are jealous of and you want to make yourself more proportional, consider a design that twisted across the bust and creates a V in this area.

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If you are curvier in the bottom half, look for specific designs that have less patterning going on in the skirt area. It is best if the skirt is in dark color as it will help to minimize the area and create a better overall balance. Being fuller in the lower half also means you can express your personality in the top half with bright bold colors or patterns depending on what takes your fancy and what you will feel confident in. Alternatively, a plus size swimdress with empire waist and fabulous prints on the top part will accentuate your bust and will take the eye away from the troublesome areas.


For all of the gorgeous curvy ladies who have hour glass shaped figures, you can wear different plus size swimdress designs, especially the one with tight cut to show off your curves

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Boyish shaped women: you would find styles that will accentuate your best part as well as hide trouble spots. There are designs that can help to make your waist look smaller and for this to have the most impact, choose colors and patterns that reflect your personality on above and below the waistline and keep the waist area a single block color as it will create the illusion of having a waist.

So how do you get your hands on a fabulous plus size swimdress? Start looking and start to get excited, as there are so many possibilities out there to choose from. Think about the shape of your body and how comfortable you will feel walking around in a swimming dress rather than a one-piece bathing suit. When you choose a suitable flattering plus size swimdress for your figure type, you will look sexy and feel more confident at the beach.

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