How To Choose Plus Size Swim Wear For Mature Women

How to choose flattering plus size swim wear for baby boomer tips:

With 60 being the new 40 and 40 being the new 20 it makes complete sense that mature women are looking for plus size clothing including swimwear to match how fabulous they look and feel right now. Ooze confidence when you step out into the sunshine or dive into the cool water and enjoy yourself because that is what life is all about.

Plus size swim wear in two piece

Floral halter two piece tankini

When it comes to buying a flattering swimsuit, the sky truly is the limit. Have a think about the colors that work well with your skin tone. This can be based on previous experience with clothing and makeup as well. If you think about some past experiences, you probably just “knew” when a color or style didn’t work for you. When you are in a colour that you love and one that matches your skin tone you will be simply unstoppable!


Things to avoid: when choosing two piece plus size swim wear, women may mix and match their tops and bottoms. However, they need to make sure the patterns and colours match in right places, avoid bright tone or bold prints on the area that they want to conceal.


There are a lot of gorgeous plus size swim wear designs for curvy women currently available in the market; it shouldn’t take too long to find one to suit your personality as well. If you love to be bright and fun, you will find swimwear styles that reflect this and ones that will also flatter your sensational curvy figure. If you are on the more reserved side and shy away from standing out in a crowd, look for neutral colors that will also flatter your shape. There really are swimmers to suit everyone in the market today!

Empire waist plus size swimdress

One Piece Underwire Plus Size Swim Wear – Swimdress

Although we are looking fabulous at 30, 40, 50 and 60 there may be some areas of our body that we would like to cover up. This could be because of being self- conscious or it could be that you want protection from the sun to keep your skin looking and feeling great. Either way, you can definitely find designs to suit these purposes and have you out in the water and lying on the sand in no time.


If you feel you like the freedom of a two-piece costume, you could try two-piece tankinis. These are great to help cover some areas besides providing more flexibility in movement and which you can’t find in a one-piece bathing suit. If you like the look of the ladies playing tennis and looking sporty, you should definitely consider a skirtini and flaunt your sporty and playful side.


The great thing about mature women is that we have been there and done that. We generally know what will work for our figure and what won’t. We have experience and life behind us, which is the perfect combination needed to locate the right plus size swim wear for our shapes and personality. So enjoy searching for your new costume and get right into the fun of summer!

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