How to Look Fabulous in Plus Size Swim Suits

Plus size swim suits tips for curvy women.


Summer is on and it’s really the time when we have to get our swimsuits out or buy new ones. All women have the right to feel comfortable and look gorgeous in their swimwear irrespective of their size and body shape. Sometimes, plus size women think that they cannot look slim and attractive in their swimsuits in the public; but it’s actually the type or style of the garment, which makes you look trim or fat, not your body size. There are a lot of curvy women who appear beautifully in their bathers at the beach; so you just need to choose the right design while purchasing swimsuit from the market.

Here are a few important tips you should follow when you’re shopping for a new swimsuit:

  1. Importance of Having the Right Size

Getting the right size of plus size swim suits is the most important for you rather than focusing on what size other women are wearing. Just like people who have different body shapes and yours is not the same so you just need to focus on finding your own correct size. Do not rely on your “normal” clothing size, you should actually take measurements on your body then compare the numbers (bust, waist, hips) to the size chart especially if you want to purchase the costume on the internet.

Plus size swim suits in two piece

Floral halter two piece swim suit

The kind of fabric for plus size swim suits is also important if you’re conscious about how fitting they would be when you put them on. With polyester made swimsuits, as it’s less stretchy, the fabric will make you feel tighter and less comfortable compared to nylon (combined with lycra or spandex) swimwear. You should choose one size bigger than your actual body size for polyester fabric swim wear.  It depends on designs/styles but generally, if your body size measurement is between two sizes on the size chart, you should take the bigger size.

  1. Get designs or styles that suit you

Do not have an old fashion concept that people would see you trimmer in a dull dark coloured plus size swim suits.  You can still look fabulous if you know how to play around with mixed colours, block-coloured plus size swim suits with bright colour in the middle and dark part on both sides is an example. Or if you have a nice bust but a large tummy, you should find the styles which have bright colour or print on the bust and the lower part is in plain black or solid dark colour. This design will drive the attention upward and the lower part (tummy, waist) which is camouflaged in dark colour will give an illusion of trimming.

  1. Buy an optical illusion printed swimsuit

If you don’t feel good and confident in your usual swim suit, you can opt for optical illusion prints and we are pretty sure that you’re going to love them.

These optical illusion prints are intelligently drawn in order to trick the viewer and making the waist and hips in the perfect shape as they distract the eye. Such printed patterns are also often known for stomach trimming. It can really fulfill your wish to look trim in your new plus size swim suits.

one piece plus size swim suit

one piece plus size swim suit