Plus Size Lingerie Tips for Plus Size Women

Shopping for plus size lingerie and sleepwear for plus size women can be a frustrating experience, especially if you do not know how to choose a flattering one. However, this does not mean that you have to slip into anything that you don’t feel comfortable in the bedroom.  Women, especially plus size, are very conscious about their bodies, and they always want to feel good and confident about everything they wear.

Wearing sexy lingerie or sleepwear that fits your plus size figure will no doubt go a long way in boosting your self-esteem, confidence and ultimately your relationship. If you have been wondering what to keep in mind when shopping for the flattering plus size lingerie and sleepwear, then this article will provide valuable tips on how to do it. By reading to the end, you will get extra tips on how to accessorize your lingerie.

Boost the bust:

Well, every woman has a part of her body that she is totally happy with. For instance, if you are blessed with a good bust, why not boost them by choosing plus size lingerie with empire waist babydoll styles? Besides lifting your breasts, the empire waist also adds some sexy elements that will leave your man wanting more. The great thing about shopping for lingerie is that you don’t have to worry about modesty. Besides babydoll design, lace and plunging neck lingerie also add attractive appearance. For once, leave the modesty of your day wear and focus on flaunting your sexy sleepwear.

Crimson lace plus size lingerie

Crimson babydoll plus size lingerie

Look for plus size lingerie that fits:

Before buying plus size lingerie or sleepwear especially if you do it online, it is imperative that you know your right size. This is because wearing a correct sized sleepwear is essential in making you feel comfortable besides looking great. However, more often than not, many plus size women do not feel comfortable wearing form-fitting clothes. In order to hide their flaws, they choose oversized clothing. This is a fashion blunder that you should not do. The right fit lingerie will show off your curves, and the stretched chiffon fabric will also keep you comfortable all night. A sloppy, lose sleepwear that makes you feel bigger and undefined should be avoided.

Adding a little length won’t do any harm:

Sometimes, women over-think certain bedrooms matters and how to dress for the night, making these things over-complicated. Nice panties and bra worn under a long robe is just as sexy. While the robe gives you a sense of warmness, the sheer material gives your other half a glimpse of sexual appeal. If you are daring, you can even liven up things by wearing a seductive thong or a demi-bra.

Plus size lingerie with side slits is not flattering if you have bigger hips.

While it is true that slits have an irresistible sex appeal, front slits are a reserve for women who have a little baggage on the thighs and hips. So, if you have bigger hips, side slits may not be perfect for you, instead, you should choose the front slit on the lingerie

Go for beautiful designs and comfy fabrics:

The most important thing when it comes to lingerie and sleepwear is comfort. For instance, if you have an hour-glass shaped body, a baby doll style would be the perfect choice of yours. Besides being flattering on plus size women’s figures, baby dolls also draw attention to the bust. If you have a heavy chest, an underwire bra that comes with additional support works just fine. Other designs you can also give a try include sheer chemise and v-necks.

Chiffon and silk are the best choice for plus size lingerie.

Accessories for plus size lingerie or plus size sleepwear:

After getting gorgeous sleepwear, you should consider some accessories that would enhance the attractiveness such as thong and hosiery. A hot stretch lace garter belt adds something extra to really catch someone’s attention.  Panties, G-strings, pantyhose, thigh highs, briefs, stockings, leggings, tight etc are good accessories for plus size lingerie