Plus Size Bathers – Do and Don’t

Plus Size Bathers do play by different rules to other types of clothing! There is a different set of rules for this type of garment because it will have to fit different body shapes. Here are tips of do’s and don’ts to help you find the right swimwear to suit you.

Do Wear Bright Colors In The Areas You Want To Emphasize

This usually works unless you are using colors that contrast very heavily, in which case the effect is dulled. Plonk a little bit of bright color around your sexy boobs or your hot bottom on the large size swimsuit, and it will highlight the areas you want other people to see.

Pink whirls one piece swimdress

Curvysea plus size swimdress

Do Not Wear Solid Dark Colors

Generally, dark coloured beach wear such as black and grey are not attracting. A black object and a yellow object do not look as if they are the same, so why do people think that such a principle applies to human clothing? Wear darker colors around areas you want to de-emphasize, but do not cover yourself in dull dark colors unless they co-operate with gorgeous styles to make the swimsuits stand out.

Do Wear a V-Neckline

A plus size swimming costume with a V neck will lengthen your upper body. It draws the eye upward towards your face and downwards towards your chest. You can also wear ruffles or prints from your bust to your hip (or a printed panel on the suit body) if you want to create the illusion of a longer or a slimmer body.

Do not wear bright panels of colors on the sides of the swim suit

Unless you are very slim and want to convince the world you are not anorexic, then wear light coloured panels down the sides of your swimwear, otherwise wear dark coloured panels on both sides or ruched fabric down the sides of your suit to create a trimming illusion.

Do Consider Tummy Control

There are a lot of swimming and bathing costumes out there that are specifically designed for larger stomachs. Most of them have a strong mesh lining that holds in the tummy, flattens it, or offers it extra support so that the tummy doesn’t hang down when a woman is getting out of water.

Do Not Wear Strapless Tops

If you are a heavy woman, or even if you have put on weight and are feeling vulnerable, you should not wear strapless swimwear. It takes a few very specific body types to be able to wear a strapless swimming suit without it looking terrible. The sort of body Kate Upton has is the type that works with a strapless top.

Do Wear Horizontal Stripes Sometimes

There is a theory that horizontal striped plus size bathers create a shortening and fattening effect, but it is not strictly true. It is better if the stripes are small, and it helps if they are broken (either the lines are broken, or the pattern is broken into sections), and the lines will create contours as they mould to your body.

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