Large Size Swimwear Tips for Plus Size Women

Five Large Size Swimwear tips for Plus Size Women in all shapes.

Empire Waist Swimdress Large Size Swimwear

One Piece Large Size Swimdress Swimwear

Let’s face it! We all have different body shapes, so why do we, as a society, try to buy clothes, especially large size swimwear that are not meant for our body? Well, it more falls on that we don’t know any better! Women have been told to look a certain way, dress like this, but not like that, but why? You are unique and therefore, your needs are unique too. Next time you go to buy a swimsuit, here are some tips to find the perfect swimsuit for your body and personality.

Know Your Body Shape

So many women do not know what their body shape is, or they don’t let it carry any weight in their clothing decisions. This trend must end! While each and every body is different, there are some general categories we fall into. Granted no, we may not fit the outline perfectly, but it is a great guideline to helping you find clothes, especially large size swimwear, that fit you well.

Polka Dot Large Size Swimwear with Halter Neck

Large Size Swimwear with Halter Neck

Pear Shaped

For those of us who have heavier hips, typically you are going to want to bring the attention to your top. That means colors and patterns work very well with your body type, and you can mix and match your large size swimwear style. Have a tankini, skirtini, or even a one piece swimwear.

Apple Shaped

Not all of us have very small shoulders, in fact, apple shaped women have broad shoulders, a wide chest, and most suits just aren’t meant to accommodate that, though, it is a very common problem! Remember designers only follow a small percentage of the population. For your large size swimwear, try to find something to play-down your bust or any tummy problems you have, and bring attention to your other areas with bright colours.


While some will wish for a bigger bust, those of us with the apple shape will know how frustrating it can be to find the best bathing suit that not only looks good but does its job at keeping everything in! A halter styled swimsuit (which has large straps) helps with that, and colorful bottoms will help bring attention downwards.

Waist problem

Believe it or not, shopping for a large size swimwear that makes waist look smaller presents a unique kind of struggles for us ladies who have some curves! While there is nothing we can do about our shape, just know that you want to play up your best assets in a bathing suit and minimize problem areas.

A large size swimwear with vertical colour blocking would make your waist look smaller; otherwise, you can try a belt or anything that hugs that area.

No matter what your body shape is, you will always be able to find a flattering large size swimwear as long as you know the above factors and you should spare sometime searching for a style or brand that suits you because each designer will use different patterns to cut the fabrics, and some will use various colors such as colour blocking.

To look your best in a large size swimwear ensure it fits well, it doesn’t cut in or sag from your body, instead of, it should enhance your natural curves. Finally, if you like more tips, go to

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