Large Size Swim Wear To Avoid Tips

Does your large size swim wear make you look fat?

How else could you explain the fact that you are looking trimmer in your normal clothes and looking rounder in your swimming suit? Choosing the wrong kind of outfit can add up weight to your body look, especially if you are a plus size woman. To learn how to avoid that, read on our helpful tips and tricks.


Large size swim wear

Large Size Swim Wear

Wearing an incorrect large size swim wear: 

It does not matter whether the bathers are too tight or too loose, they will make you look fat (if they are larger than your body actual size) or they will make you feel very uncomfortable while swimming or sitting down if the garment is much smaller than your size. Choosing the right large size swim wear not only gives you a flattering appearance but it also boosts your confidence when you step out of the pool or on the beach.

Choosing a wrong pattern or prints:

Some large size women prefer to wear one coloured swimsuits but one colour, especially black, will make you look dull and you may even look older than your age wearing the solid black or dark colours. Most of women prefer prints or patterns as the prints would give them a lively and sassy appearance; but choosing the wrong prints can end up making their bodies look larger than they actually are. Some patterns would show more of your problem areas instead of camouflaging them.

If you have a big body, your body will look even larger in horizontal stripes; or the bold and bright coloured prints which are placed in the wrong place on the swimsuit, will create a bigger body illusion, so try to avoid wearing them. The all-over prints or patterns would be ideal for distracting the eye and concealing problem areas.

Wearing an unflattering swimwear style:

There is nothing worse than seeing a large tummy and saggy breasts woman wearing a skimpy bikini bottom and a tiny triangle top. Ladies with big chest should avoid spaghetti halter neck because the tiny straps are not strong enough for lifting it up and support it; instead, choosing bathers which have under wire bra and large halter neck straps. The outfit style can really make or break your appearance so take your time when you shop.

Low quality fabrics and bad cuts:

“Cheap things are no good and good things are no cheap”! If you buy a fifteen dollars swimming suit, do not expect you will look good in it as the quality is low, plus the fabric is thin which can’t hold anything in place, and the swimsuit is often found to have untidy trims and messy finishes. The style cuts for cheap large size swim wear are also not good as they are not created on a proper design process; they tend to be really loose in some areas and really tight in others, they will end up making you look unflattering.

Last but not least, if you want to have a “wow” large size swim wear which will make you look good, feel great and proud of wearing it. Make sure to get some knowledge such as to find out what shape your body is; how to measure your body from shoulder to crotch so you can match with sizing chart if you buy online. Which styles would suit your figure such as one piece swimwear, swimdress or two piece tankinis, skirtinis?  I gather most of the above knowledge advice on Curvysea swimwear website so you don’t have to spend time on looking for them.