Five Plus Size Swim Wear Tips for Shy Women

How do you find flattering plus size swim wear for shy women?

If you are timid and do not want lots of attention when you go swimming, then consider a few of these tips. Plus size women’s bodies came in different shapes and sizes, and unless you have your plus size swim wear tailor made, there is a good chance you will need to adjust it in some ways: Put your swimwear on and stand in front of a mirror, you may need to pull up the straps and adjust them to ensure your breasts sit comfortably within the cups. If they are too loose, then it will go misshapen and draw some unwanted attention.

One Piece Plus Size Swimsuit

Sarong Styled Swimsuit.

Support and comfort with a little bit of flesh

– Some large size women have nice broad shoulders with attractive busts; they should choose halter styled plus size swim wear which would make them look flattering besides drawing the eye to their upper part.

– Thick halter-style straps offer support and comfort for most people, whilst also showing less amount of flesh at the top. It is modest without being too reserved, and if you pick a plus size swim wear with thick straps then it will make your larger frame look more in proportion.

Plus Size Swimdress with Halter Neck

Halter Neck Plus Size Swimdress

Horizontal stripes going across your chest and stomach

The plus size swim wear stripes may come in varied sizes, preferably random sizes, and they are horizontal, then they can be good for disguising parts of your body that you do not want to show. Those little bulges here and there can be hidden in plain sight with horizontal stripes across your stomach and chest. Preferably the stripes will be broken or different sizes.

Do not buy a dull black styled bathing suit

Women are so accustomed to the fact that people think the colour black is slimming! When a plus size woman wears black bathers, then people assume she is trying to hide a treasure trove of chunky parts. If you really like black swimsuits, then buy flattering fashionable styles such as mesh necklines; you should also consider a nice print or brighter colour on the bust of the swimsuit and the rest can be in black.

It’s not flattering for a plus size swim wear to have black part on the bust and the lower parts with print / bright colour because your boobs would cast a shadow on your stomach from a distance besides making your upper top look smaller than your lower part including the tummy.

Things you should consider when buying a plus size swim wear

High-waist bottoms will help your tummy look slimmer and will make your thighs appear a little flatter.  Loose tops (blouson styled bathing suit) will flatter women with tummy issue, and mix-and-match two piece swimsuits allow you to have more colours or patterns at the top to highlight your breasts whilst dark coloured bottom to trim down lower proportion. Remember that a one-piece swimsuit can accentuate the good parts of your body whilst drawing attention away from the bits you don’t like, but pattern, colour and cut will affect how well you do this. For example, if you are not too happy with your love handles, then hide them in a darker colour and highlight the parts that you do like in order to draw attention to these.

Is There Ever A Time For Polka Dots?

As a timid person, it is a good idea to stay away from bright prints such as polka dot swimsuits, but the truth is that many polka dot bathing suits are chic and trendy. The key to success is to have smaller polka dots or mix- and-match polka dots tankini tops with solid black bottoms. Such a style can actually be very subtle and will not draw too much unwanted attention. Contrasting colours for plus size swim wear such as black and white are good, but anything too bright will not make the wearer look flatter.

Polka Dots Two Piece Plus Size Swim Wear

Dotty Print Underwire Tankinis

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