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Plus Size Swimwear and Lingerie for Large Women

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If you are one of larger size women who dislike going to the beach, I guess beside the main reason you don’t like being seen in an unflattering body is because you do not have a swimming costume that makes you look good as well as feeling comfortable.

I have been working in the fashion industry for over ten years, I have seen designers who have mainly targeted tiny, young, slim and perfect-bodied girls because their beach wear styles would easily fit the girls and would also create beautiful images for their brands; but they forget that the majority of women in our society are size 14 and plus, and despite many large size women out there are fashion conscious and want to keep up with latest trends, most clothing companies just ignore them!

One day, my best friend who is size 18, complained to me about how hard to find a nice swimsuit to fit her plus size shape. This gave me an idea of designing plus size bathing suits. From my friend’s inspiration, I set up Curvysea® online boutique. My swimwear is designed to accentuate plus size women’s bodies in the right areas as well as to help them camouflage specific portions of which they don’t want other people to look at.

Thanks to my customers for their feedbacks and comments on Curvysea® website, I have made my designs more impeccable to curvy women.


"For the first time in a long time I went shopping for a SWIMWEAR…yes, SWIMWEAR! I hardly go near the water since I had my daughter a few years ago because I gained nearly 15 kg and I looked awful in my old swimsuits. I was blown away with my new swimsuit I bought from Curvysea.com. When I tried it on, instantly I could see the fit was AMAZING and I felt so COMFORTABLE! The swimsuit hid very well those unwanted bulges I’ve been trying to get rid of; and best of all I was getting nice comments on how good I looked. I’m also very happy with their fast shipping as well as their excellent customer service!"

Rita S.W. Mother of three

Media Release for Cindy Wyden, Designer and Founder of Curvysea Swimwear   

What industry are you in and why do you design swimwear targeting plus size women? 

I am in the clothing industry. A recent research shows the average size of women in our society now is 14 plus, I have designed beach wear for large women because I get inspiration from my best friend who is beautiful and size 18; she found it’s difficult for her to find flattering bathers in her size that she can be proud of wearing them.

How long have you been in large size clothing business?

I have been in the business for about eight years.  As a woman myself, I love fashion and I have found a gap in the industry for plus size women’s swimwear and lingerie.  I have had a passion to help them gain more confidence at the beach as well as in their romantic nights.

How old are you?

This is a question that many women avoid answering!  I can say I am between 40- 49 years of age.

What were you doing before you started your online store selling women's plus size swimwear?

Before starting my business, I was helping my friend running a swimsuits shop in Sydney.  I and my friend have attended a lot of fashion shows; Rosemount Australia Fashion Week; Mercedes-Benz Australia Fashion Week; Fashion Exposed….

How did you get started?

I started in the business by making swimsuit samples to show them to my friends.  They loved the styles (especially my close friend who is size 18 and who had difficulty in getting a nice bathers) and they encouraged me to go further.

What are the best things about being in the business for you?

The best things for me in swimwear business are to fulfill my fashion dream; a passion to make plus size women look beautiful and help them boost their self esteem; and gaining my financial freedom.

What is your biggest goal for your business at the moment?

To reach more customers internationally and to make my Curvysea swimwear brand become more popular among plus size women community.

What is your biggest challenge in your online business at the moment?

Keep up with modern internet technology which has changed so fast.  

What has been your greatest achievement in your business to date?

My greatest achievement is to have a long list of happy customers because I have made them look good and feel great.  They have become my loyal customers since they purchased plus size swimwear from Curvysea.com

What piece of advice do you have for new starters?

Be patient as success does not come overnight; and have a passion in what you are doing.  Never stop learning and trying new technology.

What motivational advice can you give to other small business owners like yourself?

Sense of achievement; thinking about what success I have and will achieve in the future.