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Plus Size Swimwear and Lingerie for Large Women

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Curvysea’s Summer Swimwear Collection for Full Figured Women



From sassy 60s to the brighten-your-face latest colour trend, shop the hottest swimwear in plus size for Summer 2013/2014 at Curvysea.com

The weather usually starts heating up at the beginning of November but this year, summer season has come quite early in down under. The Curvysea plus size swimwear collection in 2013/2014 has a lot of current trends, which we combined with many styles from traditional to modern, from beautiful floral prints to colour blocking and types of body shapes to create attractiveness for the wearers.

One of the collection key trends is a style of the 50s retro one piece swimsuit which has been known for the slimming coverage it offers for women’s bodies; and that fact has inspired many women to select the swimsuit as their choice.  

Curvysea two-piece plus size tankini is a must-have this season with the swimwear tops in form of molded cups and low neckline. The molded cups will contour your breast curves and therefore create a great shape. If one of your breasts is slightly larger than the other, this feature will be great for making them look balance and give a natural, flattering shape in large sized bust.

The retro and funky high waisted bathing suits of the 1950s and 60s make a strong come back in this year’s trend. Inspired by our love of beautiful actress Marilyn Monroe who had curves, Curvysea two piece plus size bikinis feature sexy, high waisted bottoms and the bikini top comes in two styles: molded cups and large strapped halter (with hidden underwire and padded bra). Real women don’t have to hide their body anymore, the large size bikinis would give them confidence; now they can enjoy sun bathing as well as the delighted excitement they would feel when cold water touches their skin.

Ocean waves as well as floral, geometric, animal prints and prints with colours of the sea are main features of Curvysea beach wear this season, plus the bold patterns are emphasized by golden or silver metallic shimmering edges. Tribal prints on clothing have become a trend that goes across countries and cultural differences, some of Curvysea tribal print underwire swimwear inspiration can be found on the website.

Polka dots were very popular in the 50s and 60s in women's clothing designs; there were dresses, swimsuits and blouses with small or large dots of different colours. Since then the dots have been on and off trend and now they are back in fashion as well as in the Curvysea’s collection.

Colour blocking (is a method of wearing two or more solid colours in an outfit) in Curvysea swimwear is designed vertically to make a full figure looks trimmer and it gives a longer body illusion. The trend is still popular and on demand.

Classic, modern and flattering are that Curvysea swimwear collection all about. So no matter what season it may be, dive into something new and remember: Nothing proves that size is just a number. Flaunt it if you have it, ladies!